States and Capitals CD only
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States and Capitals CD only

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Same CD as the CD in the States and Capitals CD Kit.

I cannot say enough great things about this CD. I am a homeschool mom and we listened to it years ago in the car on cassette. The kids loved it and my son could name all the states and capitals at the age of five. There are different variations of the songs; the northern, southern, eastern & western borders and the "In the middle of the United States" versions (which helps them locate the states-especially the eastern states that are small and can be confusing). Each song is to a different, catchy tune. There is the states with the capitals song, of course, and then you can listen to the states & the capitals song with only the state being sung while the kids fill in the capitals (it also does this with the borders songs). There is a map included; I used this to point to the states as the song played, to get them used to it. I also used this in our Homeschool Co-op when I taught the United States one semester, and those children loved it; the uses are endless.
I recently bought it on CD for my 5 yr. old granddaughter and she's already hooked. I found that my teenagers still remembered most of it when hearing her sing to the CD. Highly recommend this wonderful, fun learning tool! - Jill Basham

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