States and Capitals CD Kit (CD,USA Map w/Lyrics

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Sing and dance along with these catchy, fun songs that teach the names and locations of the 50 States and their capitals in geographical order. The USA is divided up into the following sections: Northern Border, Southern Border, Eastern Border, Middle States and Pacific States. Everything is geographically connected so it is easy to follow and point on the map as you go. Sung in echo style so it is super easy and super fun!!!

Kit includes CD and 25"x36" Project Map of the USA with 172 items to label. The lyrics are on the map. Students sing the state/capital names in geographical order. The USA is divided into 5 sections: the northern border, the southern border, the eastern border, the middle and the Pacific states, each of which is a song. For example, after students learn the southern border, from California to Florida, they learn the capitals in the same order. During the test they have to remember the name of the state and the capital that comes next as they go from west to east (California to Florida,Washington to Maine and Oregon to Illinois) and south to north (Florida to Maine and Hawaii to Alaska).

"Wonderful way to learn our states and capitals! We've been singing them everywhere we go and the kids really enjoy singing and dancing while learning. After we learn the song, the kids get their crayons out and color in the states they know. This was a great buy!" - Tammy Braaten


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