"Power Teacher" Pre-loaded Visual Loudspeaker mp4 Player

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8" screen mp4, mp3 player, recorder, radio, amplifier - FREE SHIPPING
This product has no headphone jack but the speaker sound is excellent. 
Over 10 hours of videos. 196 mp4s. 

See pdf here.

Free printables with purchase here. 


Instructions for IP-129 Visual Loudspeaker


1. The player is already 90% charged. The re-charge takes 4-6 hours. A fully charged player is supposed to work for 10 hours. It depends on how much volume you use. A free adapter is included for charging. Plug it in on the top of the player where it says DC IN.

2. To turn player on, click the switch on top to the left. The volume dial is on the top right.
Wait for the player to come on. It will start automatically. 160 video files are pre-loaded on a micro sd card which is not removable.

3. To play or pause the video, push the bottom right gold button next to the screen. To go to the next video, click the button above that. To go back to the last video, push the third button up from the bottom.
To go to a specific video, push the number(s) on the left side of the screen. Then push the play button.

4. Many of the videos may be used as dictation for writing or spelling. 

5. The player is set to play all the videos in sequence. It will take 10 hours to watch them all.

6. To add more videos or mp3s, load a USB Flash Drive and insert it into the USB slot.

7. To order books, CDs, DVDs or maps, go to shop.audiomemory.com or call (800)365-7464.

8. To download mp3s, go to cdbaby.com and search Kathy Troxel. You may also download mp3s from itunes and amazon digital music.
To download more mp4s, go to https://vimeo.com/audiomemory/vod_pages. Open Bible Stories are available for free download at https://unfoldingword.org/stories/ or http://distantshores.org/openbiblestories. Sue Dickson sells video and audio downloads at suedickson.com.

9. For more information, go to kathytroxel.com or audiomemory.com or call (800)365-7464.

10. If you are not satisfied with this product, return it by Priority Mail for a refund within 30 days of purchase.


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