Plural Song mp3 from "Grammar Songs" by Kathy Troxel

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Plural Song MP3 from Grammar Songs by Kathy Troxel To form a plural when a word ends in y, you change the y to i and add es - like spy into spies and fly into flies, enemy to enemies and cry to cries. To form a plural when the word ends in y, after a vowel then you add an s - like day into days and play into plays, turkey into turkeys, holiday - holidays. Words used for music that end in an o - you form the plural when you add an s - soprano - sopranos and alto to altos, piano to pianos and solo to solos. The plural of some nouns is irregular. If you remember these you'll be a star - tooth into teeth, mouse into mice, ox to oxen, child to children, woman - women. Sometimes the plural is the singular. If you remember these you'll really go far - like deer into deer, sheep into sheep, salmon - salmon, fish to fish, Chinese to Chinese. To form a plural when a word ends in to, when there's a consonant before the o, you add an es, like changing hero to heroes, potato to potatoes and tomato - tomatoes. When you have words that end in ch or x, z,sh or s, then you add es - like box into boxes, and fox into foxes, rich to riches, miss to misses, kiss to kisses. There are some words that end in f or fe. The plural of the words changes these - like leaf into leaves, knife into knives, wolf to wolves, self to selves and life to lives. copyright 1984 by Kathy Troxel/Audio Memory
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