Pilgrims and Puritans mp4 from "History Songs" by Larry Troxel
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Pilgrims and Puritans mp4 from "History Songs" by Larry Troxel

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Learn about the Pilgrims, Puritans and Quakers with this song from Larry Troxel's "History Songs."


A sing-along movie version of the 1607 Song from Larry Troxel's "History Songs" with lyrics and pictures about Jamestown, Henry Hudson, the Pilgrims, Puritans, Quakers, Salem and more. Also available: mp4 version, mp3, book, CD

1607 - the English crossed the sea -
and Jamestown, Virginia became their colony. It would be their first colony that would survive. Enduring many hardships there, more settlers would arrive.
1609 - Delaware was found by Henry Hudson as he sailed for China's ground. He would never find China traveling his way, but cruised the Hudson River and then found the Hudson Bay.
1620 - the Pilgrims crossed the sea. They landed at Plymouth Rock to start their colony. They needed new laws that were fair. They signed a document. The Mayflower Compact outlines a government.
Pilgrims were thanksful for crops on harvest day. 
In 1621 they made a holiday. Now we celebrate Thanksgiving every year. They thanked God for their blessings and they persevered.
1626 - The Dutch would make their claim. They bought Manhattan Island for a little change. They would make their trade with Manhattan Indians for 24 dollars worth of trinkets, beads and rum. 
From England to Boston new settlers worked the lands. 
They tried to purify the church. They called them Puritans. 
They strictly kept the laws they had. They worshipped and they prayed - in 1630 in Massachusetts Bay.
New life had started in 1682. The Quakers came to Pennsylvania with their crew. William Penn from England - He was a nobleman - 
a man who had a dream - he led the Quakers to this land. 
Witch trials in Salem in 1692 - some were tortured, beat and sent to prison too. Many people questioned this awful policy. Most men agreed it went to far, so they set the people free.
The New World got good leadership. They prospered and were free.
The new laws that were written began democracy.
Without these founding fathers this land may be unknown.
People came here for a brand new start and made this land their own.
copyright 1998 Larry Troxel

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