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1971 - a new law had begun
The 26th amendment said that 18-year-olds 
could vote (vote - cast their vote). 
1973 - a Year of Jubilee
Our USA troops in Vietnam would all 
come home real soon (soon - be home soon). 
1974 - there was a big uproar
Nixon would resign the presidency for all 
his tapes from Watergate. 
In 1980 there was ash
in southern Washington.
When Mt. St Helens blew her top
you could not see the sun. 
120 miles of soot from this old volcano -
The trees were changed from this big blast to sticks - little sticks.
in 19 hundred 81 computers were the ones
to start the Information Age
that we are learning from
1990 was the year the communists would fear.
The European nations that were communist would fall (fall - they would fall)
The whole world all rejoiced when countries made their choice
to make sure that they always had a personal choice to be free -
(free - to be free)
In 1991 a war - Kuwait was overrun.
Iraq - they tried to take their land.
Saddam - he wanted more.
So to the Persian Gulf we went.
Our troops would soon attack.
In just one hundred hours we pushed them back -
(pushed them back)
All men are equal in this land with rights and liberty. 
So learn to live in harmony, for that's our history.

This song is a musical timeline starting with the 26th Amendment and ending with the Persian Gulf War. It covers the end of the Vietnam War, Watergate, the Mt. St. Helens eruption, the beginning of the computer age, the fall of communism, and the attack on Kuwait . It is the last song of 11 U.S. History Songs written by Larry Troxel. 

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