Former USSR mp4 Sing-Along Video and Test by Kathy Troxel

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Free cursive practice pdf of lyrics here.

Sing along and learn the names and locations of the legitimate countries of the Former USSR (see explanation below). This video teaches the names and locations of the countries on a map. It also includes a fill-in-the-blanks test and some photos. 

All of the former Republics of the Union's final decades are now independent countries, with eleven of them (all except the Baltic states and Georgia) being very loosely organized under the heading of the Commonwealth of Independent States.

However, most of the international community did not consider the Baltic countries (LithuaniaLatvia, and Estonia) to have legitimately been part of the USSR. The Baltic states assert that their incorporation into the Soviet Union in 1940 (as the LithuanianLatvian, and Estonian SSRs) under the provisions of the 1939 Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact was illegal, and that they therefore remained independent countries under Soviet occupation.[6][7] Their position is supported by the European Union,[8] the European Court of Human Rights,[9] the United NationsHuman Rights Council[10] and the United States.[11] In contrast, the Russian government and state officials maintain that the Soviet annexation of the Baltic states was legitimate.[12]

We have included Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia in our Eastern Europe Song. 

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